Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Interpreting Statspack part-I

After we all understood what is a statspack report and how to install and report it. Now i am starting a series of post where we will see how to interpret each section of it.

Header: -

Here we see the database name 'tsm' and DBID: 1538534826.The instance number here it is 1 since it is a single instance database and not a cluster(RAC).It shows that the beginning snap id is 1 to 3.The snaps beginning and ending times and the elapsed time here its  79.63 minutes i.e. 79 minutes and 63 seconds.

Here there were 17 sessions on the database open when the statistic gathering began and 16 were open when the collection stopped.In the last section of the Header you see the cache sizes and the standard block size for the database.