Friday, August 5, 2011

Previewing Backups Needed for Restore:

Before you perform a restore and recovery, you would like to view which backups will be required for the restore operation.

Preview modes are available:
• Normal
• Summarized
• Recall (MML only)

Normal Mode:

In normal mode, you’ll get a full listing of the information contained in the repository. The following example shows how to preview the restore of the system tablespace:

RMAN> restore tablespace system preview;

Summarized Mode:

You can use the preview summary command to summarize the lengthy output. This next example shows summarized information about the backup set(s) RMAN will use to restore your entire database:

RMAN> restore database preview summary;

Recall Mode:

If you use a media manager that supports vaulted backups, then you can use preview recall to recall media from remote storage

RMAN> restore database preview recall;